I am an attorney and licensed member of the Kentucky Bar Association. I received my law degree from the University of Kentucky College of Law. I started this website as a way to let folks know that I'm available to draft National Firearms Act gun trusts. I'm a proud firearms owner and I've helped numerous clients draft gun trusts. My knowledge of the Kentucky and federal laws surrounding firearms helps me to serve you by creating a revocable living trust that allows you to legally own Title II firearms.

I don't do any other types of trusts besides NFA gun trusts. I also do not provide comprehensive estate planning services, criminal defense or civil litigation relating to firearms. By concentrating solely on firearms trusts, I strive to provide the best service I can at the lowest cost to you.

The trusts I create are among the least expensive firearms trusts that are available. I am able to provide a quality service at a low price by working from a home office and consulting with clients primarily by e-mail and phone. I could make more money by pricing my trusts higher, but I'd rather that everyone have a chance to own Title II firearms with a valid, carefully-drafted trust that protects them and their family.

My goal is to provide fast service, accurate legal work, and friendly customer service. If you're a Kentuckian and need a gun trust, contact me today to get started.